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Many of the volumes contain illustrative and textual material additional to the original.

The Second - "Silver" - Series was inaugurated in January 1975.

Born in 1849, the third son of the seventh Duke of Marlborough, he entered Parliament at the age of 26, became Secretary for India at 36 and Chancellor of the Exchequer a year later.

On his political downfall soon afterwards his interests turned to travel. with line drawings, sketches and full-colour fold-out map; dust jacket a two-colour montage depicting prospecting, mining and exploration scenes of J89Os; new Publishers' Intro; ISBNs 0 86920 012 1 (standard) and 0 86920 013 5 (de luxe). The fever swamps and lion-infested mountain fastnesses of Rhodesia's eastern highlands were no place for refined young ladies, but they did not deter Nurses Blennerhasseff, Sleeman and Welby from setting up hospital services in the territory. photos.; dust jacket depicts panel from RHODESIAN TAPESTRY; new Publishers' intro.

This set is described in a separate Catalogue (web page presently under construction).

THOMAS BAINES ranked only just below Livingstone, Stanley and Park in the hierarchy of Victorian explorers in Africa.

Cecil Rhodes commissioned Pauling to complete the first stage of his ambitious Cape-to-Cairo line. ISBNs 0 86920 006 2 (standard) and 0 86920 007 0 (de luxe). Bent led several expeditions to Arabia, where he eventually contracted malaria and died, in London, in 1897. ISBNs 0 86920 008 9 (standard) and 0 86920 009 7 (de luxe).

Only 800 copies of the original The Chronicles of a Contractor are believed to have been published, for private circulation, in 1926. AN INTRIGUING view of the archaeological relics of pre-colonial African cultures seen through the exploratory eyes of a noted Victorian traveller. A DELIGHTFUL anthology of poems about the amusing characters and social life in British Africa during the early 1900s, and about African folklore, on which the author was a recognised authority.

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The books may be regarded as pieces in a jig-saw puzzle: each deals with a specific subject - exploration, transport, war, politics, archaeology, hunting and so forth - and, when the pieces are fitted together, they form a comprehensive and fascinating picture of Rhodesia's (now Zimbabwe) past.In 1890, Cecil John Rhodes selected Selous as guide to the famed Pioneer Column which occupied present-day Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), With the outbreak of the Matabele Rebellion six years later he assumed command of "H" Troop of the Bulawayo Field Force, and, when peace returned, produced this gripping and informative narrative of the events he had taken part in. A PUNGENT, perceptive and highly entertaining account of trek-oxen, wagons and the ways of the transport rider before the railways began to open up Central Africa. photos.; dust jacket repro, of Ellerton Fry photo of 1890 Column crossing Nuanetsi river; new Publishers' Intro.Selous was killed in Tanganyika in 1917, at the age of 65, while serving with the Royal Fusiliers. Stanley Portal Hyatt came to Africa to seek his fortune during the 1890s, drove supply wagons through the virgin veld for some ten years of unremitting toil and was rewarded, eventually, with little more than fond memories, financial ruin and ill-health. ISBNs 0 86920 004 6 (standard) and 0 86920 005 4 (de luxe).His talents, however, were not confined to the making of discoveries: he was also a prolific writer and a fine painter, map-maker and naturalist. paintings & sketches produced en route, detailed pull-out map of Gold Fields and Cape Colony drawn by Baines assisted by other notable explorers; dust jacket depicts Baines and Hartley exploring; pull-out facs.Born in King's Lynn, England, in 1820, Baines began to make a name for himself as an artist with the British forces in the Eastern Cape of South Africa during the Kaffir Wars. letter from David Livingstone; new Publishers' Intro.

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