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Facebook is adding dating profiles and features to its platform, looking for another way to connect people and turn the page over concerns about data security.

At Facebook’s F8 developer conference, CEO Mark Zuckerberg introduced the concept. Friends won’t be able to see each others’ dating profiles and users will only be matched with people they aren’t already friends with.

It will be interesting to see if users trust Facebook enough to fork over more personal information and conduct their dating activities on the platform.

The new dating features were part of a handful of new announcements from Zuckerberg.

Users can then check out the event and find others using the dating service and connect with them via chat.Which might sound trivial, but actually it’s hard evidence of their intense loyalty.So chances are when your computer says ‘no’, they’ll probably be able to persuade it to say ‘yes’. As a result, geeks tend to grow up strong and that makes them pretty brave in our books.You’re more likely to come across colour-coded clothing and perfectly-wound charger cables (which sounds scary, until you need to find your favourite t-shirt in a hurry! It’ll be nothing but the technological best from here on out.So who better to invite along for the ride than the most logical partner you can find? So not only are they likely to have a great job now, they can get another one pretty much anywhere in the country – or world for that matter.

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