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She prayed for years that her children would come together and stop squabbling over things that were not eternal. I suppose the scars from life just run deep sometimes. Even in death you have never stopped interceding to the Father for your children.

Thank you for saving back so much of our childhood for us and for allowing us to take a look back into your private life as a young wife and mother. I hope if any of you reading this today, who might need to seek peace or restoration within friends or family, you will do it.

We have pages detailing information on common items like Merit Badges, Shoulder Patches, Rank Insignia, Order of the Arrow items, and more.

Scout Collectibles come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

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When my dad died almost four years ago he left her with financial debt and almost nothing to live on, but his paltry social security.We don’t usually buy items from after the 1950s because they tend to be fairly common.While we are aggressive on our prices we are laid back and we never pressure you to sell, if you are looking to sell we are happy to help, if not we’re happy to have done our good deed for the day.We offer a free service where we are happy to help identify and appraise any items or a collection of items you may have.Whether you bought a group of items at a yard sale, or inherited them from your father we are able to help you determine what you have an what it’s worth.

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