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Basically, I will show you how to push secret psychological triggers that make women wet and horny.They're automatic, and they're already there - waiting for the guy who knows how to trigger her Lust Response.If you've ever spent minutes (that felt like HOURS) trying to work up the courage to talk to a woman only to have it go nowhere - or worse, you never work up enough courage to do it at all, this could change your life forever. Creating that sexual spark of desire in a woman seems like the most difficult thing in the world to do, but when you have a roadmap to her Lust Response, it's easier than turning on your computer...So what I created was a fast and easy video for you to "plug & play" this Lust Response system in just If you have any issues with sleeping with seducing women and having them fall in love with you then please consider closing this page and leaving.And so we have tried, again and again, to stifle or change those aspects of ourselves — all to become more palatable to romantic partners. Take them lightly and you’re likely to miss the point and just keep on doing what you’re doing, which presumably isn’t working or you wouldn’t be reading a book like this.Perhaps what is really at the core of you, however, is passion, or deeply felt emotion, or assertiveness, or honesty. And so Page devotes the first part of the book to discussion, exercises, and meditations to help us see what our heart wants to tell us.We appreciate your patience while we work to bring you the best Canadian conversations in a new and innovative format that you can access from any device.

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Page provides tools and suggestions for meeting potential mates.Perhaps our vulnerabilities include former partners telling us we are “too intense.” Or maybe “too moody,” or “too demanding.” Perhaps we’ve heard these things again and again.Perhaps, thinking back to our childhood, we hear echoes of the same accusations.The book is an exhaustive and somewhat exhausting program, even a little overwhelming.I can see where having a partner to work through it with would be helpful, if just to keep you accountable.

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