Dating an emotionally immature man

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Having an emotionally immature partner can impact the overall health of your relationship.

Often times these partners have a “me” factor over a “we” factor, so they can come off as selfish or unable to take your feelings into account.

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In the psychology world, attachment theory posits that there are three different attachment styles—secure, anxious, and avoidant, which impact how you interact and show intimacy with a romantic partner.People who are emotionally immature are stunted when it comes to talking about feelings.Processing their emotional experiences could be very overwhelming for them, or tap into some sort of vulnerability or shame that causes them to shut down or withdraw, rather than being able to explain and process these complicated feelings.As The Millennial Love Expert, Samantha Burns, LMHC is a Relationship Counselor and Dating Consultant who works with individuals and couples to help their love lives thrive!Samantha tackles all relationship issues—breaking up, dating, increasing relationship satisfaction, and coping with infidelity.

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