Dating a person with bipolar disorder

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Instead, all the emotions one normally experiences are on a more intense setting.Everything comes through louder and it can be very difficult to navigate everyday life with such an intensity.This is not true for all individuals with bipolar disorder, but when the medications begin to work and stabilize the everyday experiences of the individual, it can take some time to adjust.The life of an individual with bipolar disorder is filled with extremes.This can be a great feeling, but it can also be frightening because its unclear if this will last.There are parts of mania which are exciting and fun.Revealing one’s struggles with bipolar disorder can lead to feeling vulnerable.

This sensation typically passes as the individual realizes this is a healthier way of life, but before that realization can come, he or she may be tempted to return to the extremes.

Research has shown that people with bipolar disorder are no more dangerous than people without the illness, but the perception is that they are.

In fact, they are seen as having the same status as drug addicts and criminals.

The National Institute of Health estimates that nearly 2.6 million Americans are currently effected by the disorder.

This means that many loved ones are faced with the challenges involved in supporting individuals with this disorder.

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