Cyber masterbate

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Still others described using a video camera in a videoconference scenario.

Some responses favored "cybering" with another person, saying the experience enhanced their orgasms. People who enjoy "cybering" described how the illusion of parallel sexual activity enhanced their experience of masturbation and orgasm.

Then I time my orgasms to a man on camera or on the microphone.

I usually come so hard that I make a wet spot on my chair.

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It was a hair brush handle (got the idea from masturbation tips at this site).

They tended to accept the relative anonymity of the Internet as either of no consequence, or as a tool to let them "try on" roles that otherwise might be unacceptable, such as cross-dressing or coming on to people whom they thought were older.

Some who were favorable to "cyber-masturbation" mentioned tiring of it rather quickly after they first tried it.

I just typed in the words "" Thanks I needed that"" and logged off.

For days now I have been doing the hair brush thing and I even had to lock my self in the bathroom at work in the middle of the day when my cunt would not stop dripping just thinking about his mouth all over my hungry twat.

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