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HE can get a good night's sleep instead of doing what he was doing before, which was half sleeping and waking up every time she stopped breathing.His brother died from sleep apnea and they (he and my sister) are very close/bonded, so it's no wonder he sleeps easier now. It's too bad they can't make those a little less obtrusive for the user to sleep with, but I'm guessing they are much better than they were in the past.Once it's time for sleep, if the machine, mask, hose, and whoosh-whoosh are still too much to bear, and foam ear plugs aren't doing the trick either, separate bedrooms are the answer. Hmmm, sleep in a different room or break up a marriage ....hmmmm.....that's a tough one ! You get together in bed to cuddle and whatever else and then ...

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My dad's girlfriend has a CPAP machine so for that and other reasons they sleep in different rooms when he visits.

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Things could not be more wonderful, all day long, all evening long then BOOM! I couldn't handle that damn machine as the person using it.

The problem is that machine is so loud, I can't sleep in the same room with it. When I woke up in the morning with the mask off and at my feet, and I had no memory of taking it off, I knew there was no way that damn machine was going to work for me.

A good unit will hum about as quiet as one of those little vaporizer humidifiers, whereas a cheap unit that the person is 'fighting' can sound like a jet idling on an airport tarmac waiting to take off.

The newer styles no longer block off the mouth and only 'breathe' through the nose, making that 'smothered' instinct not so much of a problem anymore.

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