Consolidating itunes library itunes 9

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1.) Go to Applications and open i Tunes (alternatively click on its icon in the Dock).

Click on i Tunes in the Finder Bar and select Preferences: 2.) Click on Advanced.

This is required because i Tunes will not copy those files along with the i Tunes Media folder if you drag and drop to the new drive, and you may lose the paths in i Tunes to those files entirely.

To consolidate your Library and move it to it’s new location at the same time, click on File in the i Tunes Finder Bar, navigate to Library and select Organize Library: 5.) From the pop-up dialog box, ensure Consolidate files is ticked.

i Tunes may now present you with a dialog box warning you that this cannot be undone.

Press Consolidate and i Tunes will begin the transfer: 7.) i Tunes will now begin copying all your i Tunes media files, regardless of their original location, to the new drive.

I know you can re-download albums and movies purchased from i Tunes, but I have songs from other online stores, personal videos and home-ripped files in my collection as well.

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You can check that i Tunes is referencing the new i Tunes Media folder by Right-Clicking and selecting Get Info on any media file in i Tunes, and checking the Where location on the summary page: 9.) If you are running a single Mac system, then the process is complete.

Before you do, make sure everything in your library is inside your i Tunes Media folder.

Open i Tunes, go to the File menu, choose Library and then Organize Library. (Depending on your library, you may also see a Consolidate files option directly on the Library sub-menu.)When you have your external driver or server connected to the computer, open the Music folder within your Windows user folder, or the Music folder inside your Mac’s Home folder.

For those who want more than the basic built-in backup software, third-party programs like Acronis True Image (for Windows and Mac, as well as Android and i OS) or Carbon Copy Cloner (for Mac) can grab a backup of the entire computer.

Along with software, you need a place to put those backed-up files, typically an external hard drive or network server.

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