Consolidating a dispatch center

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The four communities will be utilizing the Village of Glenview’s Consolidated Dispatch Center but calls will still be personally answered for each Village Kenilworth Police Department administrative personnel will answer the administrative phones and be available for walk in guests at the police front desk Monday through Friday from a.m. All other hours, the administrative phone calls will automatically forward to the consolidated dispatch center.After standard hours, a trained dispatcher will have video and audio coverage of our lobby.WESCOM Director Steve Rauter said he wants to meet with Braidwood officials and wants the city to stay, saying it is "more efficient for the area."Only the Braidwood Police Department wants to pull out of WESCOM.The Braidwood Fire Department would stay, said Braidwood Village Administrator Don Labriola, who, as a former Mokena village trustee, was involved in building the current Lincolnway Communications Center.An independent agency screened all three applicants — including Pam Buzan, director of Eastern Will County Communications Center (EASCOM), and Alex Szalinski, director of the Will County's sheriff's dispatch center — and recommended Veerman to the committee, he said. Groundbreaking could be later this summer with a completion date in 2018.With the state mandating that Will County consolidate its dispatch centers to three from six, Will County will add space for the new dispatch center when it builds a new sheriff's office facility at U. It will include police and fire agencies now served by EASCOM, such as Crete, Beecher, Peotone and University Park.One administrative support position will be created in Kenilworth once dispatch services are transferred to Glenview.

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The consolidation will result in a reduction in hours the front desk is staffed and where 911 calls are answered.

Long before there were plans to consolidate the four dispatch centers at the new Laraway facility, Braidwood police notified Western Will County Communications Centers (WESCOM) that it wanted out of that system, said Braidwood police Chief Nick Ficarello.

Citing "quality issues, involving officer and citizen safety, and cost factors," Ficarello said Braidwood gave WESCOM its one-year notice in February that his department wanted to leave in 2017.

Having a fully redundant dispatch center in Highland Park provides an extra level of back-up to keep emergency communications operational should the need arise.

For over 50 years the Village has operated its own E9-1-1 Dispatch center for emergency calls within the Village’s corporate limits with Fire and Ambulance calls answered by the Regional Emergency Dispatch (RED) Center, which is a dispatch center consisting of 15 municipalities, since 2002.

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