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Levine said Fox’s addressable solution is different than what most cable or satellite operators can offer because it can be overlaid with precision targeted programming on the Fox networks, which reach all of the markets in the country.“That’s national scale,” he says.

In addition, Fox has all of its national inventory while distributors only have access to two minute per hour.

Both Fox and Comcast use Freewheel, a division of Comcast, to handle ad insertions.

Fox’s addressable effort is unique because in addition to working with Comcast’s subscribers, it can also offer viewers streaming on-demand programming from Fox Networks including Fox Broadcasting, FX, National Geographic and Fox Sports via Hulu.

He added that with addressable advertising, Fox benefits financially because there is very little waste once it and the advertisers have agreed on a data set and reporting method. “It allows is to provide more relevant advertising that s potential more interesting to the audience,” he said.Mobile viewing, via the Stream app, rose to 4.5 million hours during last year’s Watchathon.RELATED: Comcast’s Latest ‘Watchathon Week’ Breaks Another Record“We love bringing Xfinity Watchathon Week to our customers each year and surprising them with new and unexpected content.RELATED: Comcast Launches FX The offer to internet-only subscribers for a portion of content that is on offer via this year’s Watchathon aims to give them a taste of the VOD fare available through Comcast’s pay TV service and as an apparent enticement to subscribe..Comcast noted that the full Showtime catalog will be available on Comcast’s VOD platform and the Xfinity Stream app and portal for a portion of the Watchathon (April 19-22).

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