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, whether we're going "out on the town" or staying in for an at-home date. I loved the beginning, when we were simply friends learning each other's favorite color or favorite type of music. There's nothing like that quality time and intent in discovering the intricacies of the other person. But there is still so much we can learn about each other; so many ways we can still grow our intimacy through conversation. indulgence Beyond favorites, there's something about knowing if a person prefers a mac or a pc (for example) that can be so telling about personality and how they tick. If you don’t make engagement with unbelieving people a priority, your life will gravitate automatically toward the pleasures and comforts of the church community cul-de-sac. Family members are people with whom, like it or not, you are already in relationship. It will help to find something in which someone else, perhaps an unbeliever, will have to be invested in you to help you along.Identify two people outside of your Christian circle with whom you think you would enjoy spending more time. You already love them, and they already love you, despite theological differences. This can be the leaven of really great relationships.Within a couple weeks, one of them was serving in a local Christian ministry with us. It requires higher degrees of attentiveness and calculation than do conversations with our brother and sister evangelicals whose sentences we can all too easily finish.It requires an ability to rightly apply the Scripture to the circumstances and conversations in which we are engaged, a capability for which we are supposedly being equipped during the times we are together as Christians loving and exhorting one another to good works (Hebrews ).Develop your “personal Great Commission number” as if it were something as routine to your daily life as church, work, fitness, and carting your kids around. Relationships in the workplace are sometimes even easier to develop than with family members. Don’t allow your Christianity to be a wedge that separates you from coworkers. Bring them together in your home with family members, coworkers, and neighbors.

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When we did visit them with our jars of holiday snack mix, all of the neighbors were delighted that someone had finally instigated “neighborhood.” Most notably, when they started visiting our home and sharing our dining room table, it became quickly apparent to us, “We’ve been spending way too much time with fellow Christians.” We were confronted with the mainstream culture head-on, not in a cable TV shout-show way, but just as people talking about things that people talk about.Jason Meyer preached recently from 2 Corinthians –7:1, and as he compared and contrasted separation from and engagement with the world, I thought, “Wouldn’t it be great if we had an app that measured our engagement with unbelievers?” Something that kept a running total of: Sadly, for many, the product would be small, low, single digits.I broke these down into 10 basic themes to help you start thinking about your own questions to bring up on date night. Enjoy :) Talking about favorites is an easy, fun, and neutral way to start any conversation.

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