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At approximately 3 years of age, the brain has completed one of the most important stages of development, that of integration, without which, reading and writing become very difficult.

This essential neurological development is encouraged through special activities incorporated into our classes.

Skills concentrated on include finger awareness, handedness, laterality, balance, directionality, spatial and body awareness, and listening and following instructions.

Did you know that to copy a letter from a whiteboard or smartboard, children need tactile and body awareness, good posture and balance, clear auditory perception, the ability to visualise, accurate vision, fine motor co-ordination, hand-eye coordination and temporal awareness?

Every activity in our School Readiness class ensures these skills are being practised.

Emus: School Readiness • Marches in cross pattern with rhythm and flow • Hops smoothly on either leg, forwards, backwards and sideways • Skips along smoothly • Swings along under the overhead ladder with rhythm and control – ideally without assistance • Begins to read and write • Knows several nursery rhymes and can sing accurately • Enjoys jokes.

Gymba ROO for 3 to 4 Year Olds A quality preschool program for our children is essential, but a neurologically based program like Gymba ROO, can ensure your child is ready for learning.

The band have performed with many bands over the years including shows with The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster, The Eagles of Death Metal, Hell is For Heroes, Oceansize, The Living End, Deerhunter, Pulled Apart by Horses, Dinosaur Pile Up and many more.

Their hand-eye-foot coordination has improved so that these skills can be developed.

As parents stay and participate in the class, they have the opportunity to have one-on-one time to practice these skills (giving parents lots of terrific ideas for at-home activities).

This time with your child, the last year before school, is as precious as that first year of life.

We call our School Readiness children our emus, as they love running fast with an adult rather than toddler gait.

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