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“Every band has cliques—that is how bands are,” says Gibbard.“The sound of the record was equal parts the songs I was bringing in and Rich’s desire to make a record that sounded like us but with some new flavors.”Produced and mixed by Costey; recorded by Costey, engineers Martin Cooke, and Nicolas Fournier at Eldorado Recording Studios; and assisted by Mario Borgatta and mastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering, —also the Japanese word for the art of fixing broken pottery—is an ethereal, insular-sounding record, built on the sound of drum machines and the sad mood of a lost friendship.“I had no idea,” Costey recalls.The pair co-wrote the band’s archetypal track, “Title and Registration”, where Gibbard sang about lost love: “Now that it’s gone, it’s like it wasn’t there at all.” While Walla didn’t write “Your Heart is an Empty Room”, he did produce it. He’s not the lead singer of a popular rock band, but he’s made his career as an engineer, producer, and player in one. piece with Sara Quin of Tegan and Sara, Walla said, “On a more existential level …[I] was feeling like Ben’s stories weren’t coinciding with my own life in a way that I could continue to prioritize my whole living experience for.” in the warmth of analog tape hiss.

It was the right call on Chris’ part.” The band made a decision not to tell Costey that Walla was leaving the band until they were finished recording, because they felt it might color the process.

His second solo record and first since a public departure from Death Cab for Cutie, his latest release offers an ambient, instrumental collection of manipulated analog tape.

Markedly unlike his first solo effort, creates a deep meditation on the white space between notes, but what listeners may actually find in Walla’s exploration of negative space is another matter.

9 will sound like as their first completely sans-Walla.

We caught up with Death Cab bassist Nick Harmer at Bonnaroo 2016, who pacified fans by saying the group's future is looking bright with their new guitarist/keyboardist/back-up vocalist Dave Depper and keyboardist/guitarist Zac Rae: "We started the cycle losing a founding member of our band and had some big question marks about how and what it was going to be like to fill his shoes and continue on without him.

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