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Piracetam: A Nootropic "smart drug" and its effects on brain chemistry Piracetam is a nootropic type drug that suggests great benefits for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease, Attention Deficit Disorder, and even looks promising for the prevention of cognitive deficiencies associated with dementia (1).

Piracetam is known international name for 2 - oxo - pyrrolidine acetamide, which is very similar in structure to the amino acid Pyroglutamate ( 2 - oxo - pyrrolidine carboxylic acid ) (3).

In fact , Piracetam is recognized as being a derivative of pyrrolidine C6 H10 N2 O2, a first class nootropic drug and neuroprotective agent intended to prevent damage to the brain from trauma, convulsions, and hapoxia.

But certainly one of the most exciting claims of Piracetam is that this drug appears to be virtually non toxic (1).

Definite signs of improvement in consciousness, vigilance, and enhanced memory were reported (6).

Additional clinical trials on this so called "smart drug" ( Piracetam ) have also reported significant improvement as an aid for dyslexic students.

CHADD's National Resource Center on ADHD, various publications, and the CHADD website offer helpful and timely information about all aspects of ADHD and related conditions.

But, the following terms must be met and must be clearly stated in your post: include the following 12 items: project title, project description, the project objective, the design/methods of the project, characteristics of required participants, main outcome measures, names & status of researchers, name of funding bodies, names of any other involved organisations, starting date of project, expected completion date, and contact details. Want to chat with other people who know what you're going through?Web MD's online community is your source for 24/7 support.For instance, a German abstract of an article written by Woelk H explains that Piracetam plays a key role in the process of synaptic transmission by enhancing both of neuronal stimulation and the activation of synaptosomal phospholipase A2 (an enzyme) by almost 50 percent (5).This is great news for many people that suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder, Down syndrome, and myoclonus epilepsy since the enzymatic stimulation of phospholipase A2 by Piracetam appears to be negotiated by a chemical neurotransmitter.

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