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After years of criticism from Charles Barkley, Le Bron James finally fired back. Barkley, in his role as outspoken commentator on TNT, has been a relentless critic of James, dating to 2010 when he faulted James’s move to Miami from Cleveland. If he talking to Barkley, that would be tampering and the Lakers could have been fined up to 0,000. 8 when Barkley had 15 points, 19 rebounds and seven assists. I was very disappointed when they didn’t.” West, for his part, denied this.More recently, he took issue with James’s stated desire for his Cavaliers to add a playmaking guard.“Inappropriate. All of the above,” Barkley said on TNT last week.“The Cleveland Cavaliers, they have given him everything he wanted. “There’s a new sheriff in town.”“He’s a hater,” James said of Barkley. Referring to numerous incidents Barkley has been involved in over the years, he said: “I’m not the one who threw somebody through a window. Ed Barkowitz has played in a variety of fantasy sports leagues, but draws the line at fantasy NASCAR. I have no idea what happened that game.” Barkley also couldn’t remember the year, but it almost had to be the 1991-92 season – his last as a Sixer. Barkley loaded was better than the rest of the roster sober.He is a lifelong South Philadelphian, reared about a mile from the sports complex. Joseph's Prep high school, and Villanova and Widener universities. The Lakers had played in the Finals the previous season. “I wanted to win a championship,” he said when he finally was dealt.

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It turns out that Barkley, a man who claimed this season that he wouldn’t eat until the Lakers won a game, used Denny’s as a basis for his 20 pounds of weight gain prior to the 1984 Draft. In under 24 hours, the man had consumed eight pancakes, eight eggs, eight strips of bacon, eight sausage links.I know, I know some of yall could care less about the NBA playoffs or “Inside The NBA”, but what I think yall might be interested in is who the Stars of the “Inside The NBA” cast are dating… Gwendolyn and Kenny met at a charity event in 2004.A few years later, the couple married on September 2, 2006 at their mountain-top estate in Stevenson Ranch, California.Once again, a TV talking head, who is paid to make outrageous comments and drive up ratings, made some strong comments about a star athlete. Usually, the star athlete ignores or laughs off such comments, but this time he decided that he had had enough.

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