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Royalty afterwards utilized this new idea to strengthen its own position or to reward faithful nobles, creating secular orders of knighthood until there was no country without its royal or princely order.

Even private individuals entered into the business; adventurers attempted to exploit the vanity of the by sham insignia of knighthood with which they decked themselves, and which they distributed among their dupes lavishly — though not gratuitously.

After barely a century of existence, they were suppressed by Clement V; but two remnants remained after the fourteenth century, the Order of Christ in Portugal, and the Order of Montesa in Spain.

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As a matter of fact, more than one rule of this kind, scarcely passing beyond the initial stages, has existed, and such are the orders which may be designated No trace is to be found in the "Bullarium romanum" of the order called the Wing of St.

The great military orders had their origin in the crusades, from which they retain the common badge of every order of knighthood — the cross worn on the breast.

The oldest of these, the Knights Templar, has served as a model for all the others.

Thomas of Canterbury, an order of hospitallers for the service of English pilgrims.

It seems to have been made dependent on the Hospitallers of St.

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