Cassie ventura dating

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Nursing a cold, she expresses wonderment at how far she’s come from her not-so-distant days of ballet lessons and trips from New London, Connecticut, on the train.

“It definitely caught me off guard,” she says of “Me & U” mania.

And it appears they're in an "on-again" period now.

The two were at Paris Fashion Week together over the weekend, although they made a point of not walking together when photogs were around.

It was kind of crazy, and at first I didn’t understand what it meant. There were spotty live performances (“I know I did a bad job”) and a (false) rumor that she’d been dropped by the Bad Boy label.

The two arrived at a restaurant separately, left their hotel, Le Muerice, at different times, and they refrained from sitting toge tether at the runway shows.

But, we know they were always a few steps behind each other, making it pretty clear that they're giving their relationship another go.

In the video, Grimshaw has Styles hooked up to a heart monitor and holds up a handful of pictures to see which one makes Styles' heart rate jump.

His heart rate starts at 68 beats per minute, so whatever picture makes it go up from there counts as a jump. (Keep in mind, this is before the dating rumors even started.)director Christopher Nolan is the first picture, and an old picture of Styles in some worn-out purple sneakers is next. The last two pictures are of a briefcase full of cash, which makes his heart rate jump, and then Rowe's picture.

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