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The change in subsistence ushered the start of what archaeologists define as the Archaic culture and period. The hunted game included mostly deer although other small mammals were also taken.

Divided into three sub-periods, the Archaic is dated from about 8,000 B. Over the course of the subsequent centuries, populations grew and appear to settled specific localities more frequently and for longer periods of time.

These include: the Jackson Landing site, the Cedarland Plantation site, the Claiborne site and the Ancient Earthwork which is still the largest extant structure of its type along the northern Gulf of Mexico. When the Paleo-Indian people lived in Hancock County, temperatures were on average five to ten degrees cooler and the climate was drier.

In addition, the county’s archaeological resources offer some very important and unique sites which will be discussed herein.

The newly arrived Paleo-Indians specialized in hunting large game. The entire prehistoric sequence of cultures and periods as described for the general southeastern United States obtains in Hancock County. 700) The Plaquemine and Mississippian Culture Periods(A. Consequently, this region has been sought out by human occupants since the earliest arrival of people into the Western Hemisphere.Dog were domesticated and used either in hunting or as food, or both.The adaptation of human groups to a set of variable environments resulted in increased cultural variability as demonstrated by the projectile points and other lithic artifacts discovered from Archaic sites.

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