Can doctors dating patients australia

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Consenting adults Two thirds of the 69 people who posted responses said they disagreed with the statement.

On its website, the GMC asks doctors and the public whether they agree with the statement "Pursuing a sexual relationship with any former patient will usually be inappropriate"." Another said: "There are of course many patients who do not need to be protected and who themselves are capable of considering the facts and deciding whether they wish to pursue a relationship with a doctor who treated them at some time in the past." 'Impractical' A member of the public said: "I always assumed that it was perfectly okay for a doctor to date a former patient."A friend of mine has a relationship with somebody who was once her doctor and nobody questions this, neither his medical colleagues or any of our friends." A GP working in the Shetland Islands pointed out that, for some people, the guidance might be completely impractical."Should I be in a position where I was looking for a partner, a vast proportion of the local population would be people who at one time or another have been 'my patient' however tenuously or briefly." Many of the respondents said it was hard to generalise and that each case should be judged individually.Some criticised the guidance for not being precise enough.

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