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Document cameras are shaking up education and becoming a next-gen accessory of choice for educators looking to share teaching material in fresh new ways.As the name implies, document cameras are ideal for capturing and sharing real-time video of documents, textbooks, handwritten notes, and similar.We purchased a 0 camera for this [the Ziggi-HD Doc Cam], and it’s well worth the investment.”For testing, tutorials, or anything that could benefit from actually seeing the hands of the user, doc cams are a smart choice to capture devices with screens.And even if it’s just for pure presentation purposes, a doc cam is still poised to help out.constructions, using a protractor, etc.) and students love having their work shown on screen (when they bring their work to my desk).”Document cameras may have first been designed to capture documents, but it’s clear they’re equally adept at capturing everything from human faces to birds in a tree to cells in a Petri dish.

My students may be small, but their minds are anything but!Overall, the simple but powerful notion of providing a digital window into another classroom has given Arlene a high degree of professional satisfaction.“The cultural exchange has opened the minds of my little students,” she said.If your classroom only has one or two i Pads, it’s much nicer to project that i Pad for the whole class rather than have everyone crowd around the actual device. Luke’s Science & Sports College in Exeter, UK, has enjoyed using his doc cam in an regular exercise he calls “Past Paper Live.” “The students attempt a question in a set time,” explained Lindsay, “followed by watching — through the use of the camera linked to the laptop/projector — the ‘perfect’ way of answering the question (modeled by myself showing the exam mark scheme).”The hands-on, real-time nature of doc cam capture cannot be overstated.Real-time video brings the sort of interactivity and dynamism that static presentations can’t muster.

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