Bralilian dating

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A white person in Brazil may not be white in America.If you stay in Brazil long enough, you might find yourself thinking about race like them.One Brazilian girl I dated called me the n-word and I politely told her not to again.I think I hurt her feelings a bit because “she uses it with her other black friends”.But Brazilians must realize, not ALL black Americans use the term or like being called it.If you have this problem and don’t want her to use the word, just let her know you don’t use the term yourself.Also, I’m not saying to not have serious discussions.If you two don’t see eye to eye on something, figure out why she thinks the way she does and then go from there.

When foreigners say the n-word, it sounds funny to me. I kid you not, one time I was on Facebook and saw a young Brazilian guy post this comment on a woman’s picture: Yeah, that’s not a good way to use the term.Racism is the only topic that you can argue and even then it’s hard for me to say Brazil is less racist than America.I’ll put it to you like this: I’d rather be born poor and black in America than born poor and black in Brazil.Being white is a social construct and not anything concrete in my opinion.You might be dating an Afro Brazilian woman and she’ll tell you that her brother or dad is.

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