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As far as recent literary trends go, the literary blind date is one of my favorites.A few years ago, in an effort to help customers not judge their books by their covers, Elizabeth’s Bookshop in Australia began wrapping books in brown paper, hinting at the contents with intriguing clues that don’t give too much away.So one girl had to sit down every now and again but the hosts kept the person company (to note: there will be more men joining in the game so maybe in future some straightforward advertisement on needed genders during event promotion?also promoting sexual orientation inclusion is important!Click the link to read that post and you’ll see what I mean.) Readers, if you don’t have a bookstore or library near you wrapping books in brown paper, this post is for you.I chose three books from my collection (let’s be honest— books), wrapped them up, and took a stab at writing intriguing clues that don’t give too much away. I tried to err on the side of being cryptic, but maybe I’m wrong and you’ll know immediately which titles I’m talking about.) I’m giving them all away to three separate readers, one book per reader.As an added bonus, the round-robin setup enables participants to meet more potential matches in one evening than they might otherwise encounter in a month or more of traditional dating.

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We wanted to promote the Exchange Ability project on the occasion of Valentine's Day and raise awareness about students with disabilities.After 5 minutes, we tell them to stop and if they want to get acquainted they show thumbs up or if not thumbs down.This provides a low pressure situation where no one can see results and it’s okay to reject a person if they feel uncomfortable. In the end they take of their blindfolds and if they want to know who they paired up with they can ask the organizers.Our speed dating single's events tend to be the most popular speed dating events in those cities.Online registration closes 5 hours prior to event start time.

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