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In 1900, Juan Zuniga’s daughter, Redacinde Jackson, lost her black husband.She then returned with her children to her father’s home.They joined black women and men who from the 1850s onward found sanctuary on the U. Although the black population in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas can be traced back to the mid 1740s with the settlement of the Afro-Spaniard José de Escandon, most black migration to the Rio Grande Valley happened in three periods: 1Underground Railroad era with enslaved people fleeing from the slaveholding southern United States into Mexico between 18, 2black settlers on the border between 18, and 3.twentieth century black migrants who arrived between 19.When Kinchlow was five years old, his mother Lizaer (Eliza) Moore, married Juan Rios, an ethnic Mexican from Brownsville, Texas.Although Kinchlow did not claim any lineage to his ethnic Mexican stepfather or siblings, he found love within the South Texas ethnic Mexican society.Most of the black women and men of Cameron and Hidalgo Counties migrated from the Deep South to the southern most region of Texas. Out of the 18 interracial households in Cameron County, nine families (50%) owned their land while nine families rented.

As a consequence a small but significant number of prominent black-ethnic Mexican families emerged to complicate both the Anglo-Mexican and black- white racial dichotomies so common in the rest of the nation. Census of 1900 for Cameron County, Texas, which today is dominated by the cities of Harlingen and Brownsville, showed an unusual statistic.Ben worked both sides of the border as a ranch hand and cowboy in the 1860s and 1870s.During that period he reported friendly interaction with ethnic Mexicans both in Texas and Mexico.These interracial marriages along the Lower Rio Grande Valley for the most part were black men marrying ethnic Mexican women or first generation Tejanas (Texas-born women of Mexican descent).Typical of these marriages was the union of Louis and Angle Rutledge of Hidalgo County.

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