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In 1997, Frida recorded her final album before ‘retiring’ from music.She now focuses on environmental issues and is increasingly involved in charity work.She also developed fear of flying since their private jet was caught in a thunderstorm.

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This was partly due to her low self esteem issue and the fact that she couldn’t’ really speak English properly.Since, then she preferred to keep it to herself and distanced away from the world.Besides, her love life turned out to be messy with reports talking about her involvement with an advertising profession, a Swedish ice hockey champion, a fashion designer, her own marriage counselor, a Stockholm-based doctor and a stalker.None of the talents from Eurovision has been able to recreate the maniacal craze that Abba commanded. What is more commendable is that it is the first non-English speaking country to enjoy cult success in English speaking countries like UK, USA, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, South Africa and India.Some of their songs like ‘Hasta Manana’ were also recorded in Spanish.

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