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Some of those things are met with a little bit of tongue-in-cheek on set, and we try to get away with as much comedy as we can. But if you take it too seriously you’re going to be putting nails in your head.

Hopefully, some of it makes it way to the actual airing, but most of it doesn’t. VH1: What’s harder to do, or easier to do, than it seems onscreen?

That “Unknown” person may be the mysterious, pony-tailed brunette (named ABIGAIL, this Q&A revealed), who very likely is the “Falcon” Jamie is chasing.And then there is MITCH, who indeed survived the hybrid attack and for much of the past decade has been kept alive, submerged, in a statis chamber.A team of IADG agents infiltrate the Siberian facility and just barely extract Mitch from the chamber alive, but his faculties at first are severely impaired by his experience.I don’t understand why Miles hasn’t become a god in this world; he’s obviously invincible. VH1: Silly question: Is there someone manufacturing bullets in this world now? Bullets were in short supply in the beginning, we made mention of it in the first season… And I just sort of went, “OK, it’s a fantasy show, let’s leave it at that.” VH1: How long would you last in the world?VH1: What’s the most people you have personally fought at once? BB: It kind of depends on what it is that I’m fighting for.

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