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Cup size, band size and volume are huge factors when it comes to finding the right bra fit.

Technically, a 38D and a 40C are sister sizes - they'll both technically fit around your body if you're in this size range.

Panache Bras and Lingerie Panache is a world class lingerie brand.

Our most popular Panache bra, the Superbra Tango II receives consistently great reviews.

There are sexy styles in playful prints and colors that are guaranteed to leave you feeling flirty, frivolous, and fun.For under t-shirts: If you want a flattering look under cotton t-shirts or clingy material, consider a seamless bra.Seamless bras are smooth and give your breasts a natural curved shape.See our guide: How to Find the Perfect Bra We've done a lot of articles here about the difference between bra size and bra fit - check out our "Fitting and Sizing" category for more information.The short of it is that bra size and bra fit are two entirely different things.

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