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I was a skeptic at this party because it was my second speed dating event in a few months.I never thought that I would ever meet my soulmate online let alone on a dating site.To make a long story short, two years and 3 months later, we got married!We wish Click2asia continued success and we will always be happy to tell our friends how we met online! -- Trista and Douglas - Burbank, CA We would both like to thank all of the wonderful people at Click2Asia, especially Pierre Wuu, for all their hard work setting up these types of events for people to meet.I've tried and others like it, but nothing compare to you guys. This is my first Click2Asia event and I was quite impressed.Click2is full of real people, and is now my homepage!! This trip had everything a complete vacation should have...

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Our relationship is such a great blessing and I can not imagine how we would have ever been able to meet, if it were not for your site as Steve lives in California.Looking forward to the poker tournament this weekend. Justin -- jkim95865 - Sacramento, CA It [cruise] was one of the best times i've ever had.Everybody was really friendly and Denise and Alex did a great job organizing everything. -- nikeguy - Sacramento, CA -- Peter and Colleen - Los Angeles, CA When Peter joined Click2asia, he was just hoping to meet some new people.It was easy to talk to people, the lighting was good, the seating and space were ample, and the restaurant was in a convenient location and had a great decor. I had one of the best vacations ever this past weekend. I was initially talked into going on this trip by a friend and was not really into the whole idea until I got onboard.Congrats to Click 2 Asia and 7 Blue Seas for the awesome cruise that they put together. Alex from 7 Blue Seas was a lot of fun and Denise did a FANTASTIC job as the leader of her first cruise!

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