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Here’s how things went…First things first: photo time.

The pressure surrounding a standard Tinder profile picture is tough enough, but knowing that this was the key to my entry into this wanky world, I had to be strategic. Not booby or overly made-up, far enough away from the camera and with a hella good filter.

An average looking guy with a wonderful intellect and tints of chivalry would always be a girl's first choice rather than dating a guy who is handsome but lacks such traits.

Third, as your life is not a Bollywood movie, it is not advisable to walk up to random girls at Malls or Multiplexes asking them to be your girlfriend or friend, unless you don't know how to play your cards well.

Else, either you'll be slapped or thrown out by the security.

Even the screen full of hopeful faces made me feel bleak.

As for my ‘success’ on the site, I got a few messages here and there.

The site is pretty successful in France, so perhaps I could be wrong, and maybe this is a place where you could find love, but, unfortunately, all I really wanted to find was the ‘delete my profile’ button.

Even though times are def changing, traditionally, guys are still expected to approach girls and ask them out on dates.

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    I lived in the Bronx and thought dating someone from Queens would mean spending hours on the train. I don't think I would have looked at the profile of someone who was divorced or even someone who had kids.

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