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(Bruno and Carrie Ann gave 5’s.) Michael and Anna were the first couple told they were at risk of elimination.

The celebrity who got off the easiest this week was the hulking extreme fighter Chuck Liddell, whose dance with Anna Trebunskaya was rightly described by Bruno as “the samba from ‘Zombietown.’ ” He had been told he had to get in touch with his feminine side, so we saw him getting a pedicure with his daughter, and he started the routine wearing ruffly samba sleeves, which he quickly tore off.

Carrie Ann was so mesmerized she passed on her usual quibble and didn’t call Mya and Dmitry on a possible lift.

In his most egregious example of low scoring, Len gave the couple a 7 to the other’s 10’s—the first perfect scores of the season.

21, 2009 file photo, former House Republican Whip Tom De Lay, 62, dances on the ABC Television's "Dancing with the Stars, " in Los Angeles. House majority leader who's competing on ABC's hit show "Dancing With the Stars" was indicted four years ago on charges of money laundering and conspiracy allegedly connected to 2002 state legislative elections.

Republican Tom De Lay danced the cha-cha and the tango on TV, but he's tiptoeing through a legal web as his criminal case crawls through the Texas courts. His case now hinges on how an appeals court rules on legal questions raised by De Lay's two indicted associates.

“I give her permission to go all out with my hasbend, Alec,” Edyta told the cameras.” Just to keep the zombie happy, Len gave him a 5 and the others gave 6’s.Worse, this was the routine the judges chose to have reprised tonight.The judges praised him for being a trouper, but Bruno pointed out that they had to score him on what they saw. But after a segment in which the celebrities talked about their first impressions of the show and of the other dancers, Tom Bergeron and his cohost, Samantha Harris, brought De Lay center stage.Saying that his injuries made it impossible for him to rehearse, De Lay resigned, although he said he may return to perform the dance he was meant to do next week, a Texas two-step.

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