Are ed and jaclyn from bachelor pad still dating dating soulmate be

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They continue to talk and Ed tells her that they sleep in the same bed so he considers them a couple, Jaclyn falls for it and heads upstairs to bed with Ed.The next morning, Ed and Jaclyn are back with two roses, they can’t give them to themselves but they get to save one couple with the two roses.The competition is going to take a dramatic turn, up to his point they have played as individuals, now they will be playing as couples and voted off as couples.The only people without partners are Nick and Rachel, so they are now a couple.

Everyone else discouraged, they are all friends and two of them are going home.Sarah and Chris are getting the last word, they can’t believe that they are still in the house when everyone wants them gone.Everyone is against Chris and Sarah, they better win the next challenge or they will do doubt be going home.Tony plans a surprise date with Blakeley, the toast with wine and talk about their connection.Blakely confesses to Tony that she has huge trust issues and it’s going to take someone really strong to get through that.

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