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When the body comes into contact with something to which it is allergic, whether through contact, respiration or consumption, substances called histamines are released to attack the allergen.Histamines encourage the body to rid itself of the allergen by triggering ways to flush the allergen, such as watery eyes, a runny nose and sneezing; if the skin is the affected area, the histamines may produce a rash as protection.Although pharmaceutical manufacturers describe some of their products as non-sedating antihistamines, some patients do experience drowsiness, fatigue, impaired motor responses and concentration difficulties when taking them.On the other hand, some patients experience none of these symptoms when taking sedating antihistamines.

It must be noticed, however, that it is difficult to find clinical investigations that strictly follow the criteria recommended by the guidelines on the management of urticaria, and therefore studies included in this review were those in which higher doses of NSAHs were used regardless of the clinical response to conventional doses.Side effects of antihistamines depend in part on the specific type.The most common potential side effects include headache, digestive problems, aching muscles and fatigue.When suffering from a cold or flu, some patients find that antihistamines help dry the nasal secretions and relieve the cough.Occasionally, certain antihistamines are used to treat chronic headaches or asthma.

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