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Deidara later passes on as well after Kabuto released the jutsu.

well here it is ^.^ my first flash on newgrounds (i've had 3 more on youtube, but the quality there is kinda crappy so thats why this ones going here).

Ironically Sasori likes to end his fights quickly and hated waiting, while Deidara liked to take his time when fighting his opponents.

Sasori died in his battle against Chiyo and Sakura, something that Deidara was surprised by though he commented it was an artistic way to go.

Oftentimes, in the event that he succeeds in his goal, he will flat-out refuse to take part in his newfound paradise: the things that he did to create it are inexcusable in the new society.

This is the more Anti-Villain version of the Well-Intentioned Extremist and very much the opposite of the Knight Templar who is incapable of seeing himself as being in the wrong.

The inverse of this is Shrug of God, where the author refuses to say that one answer is more "correct" than another.

The idea was toyed with back in the 1970's as an unproduced story called "The Final Game", but a freak accident claimed the life of his first actor and the plot line where the Master was meant to die after confessing his identity as the Doctor's brother was scuttled.

A villain may believe that the Ends (involving a Utopia or the survival of the species) justify the Means, but has in no way lost his conscience, or otherwise had a Heel Realization during his deluded time.

He knows full well that what he's doing is evil and that heroes may try to bring him to justice for his crimes.

This trope inspires a tremendous amount of Values Dissonance in Real Life.

Some believe firmly that certain immoral actions can be 'necessary', and others believe that thinking of evil acts as 'necessary' encourages amoral behavior and creates considerable unnecessary suffering.

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