Adult chat sites for ipad

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Developers have tried and failed at group video chatting countless times, but there’s at least some reason to think Cabana may be on to something.For one, it has Tumblr’s backing and will get plenty of promotion.“When I saw [the app for the first time], I said, ‘Shit, I can't believe you actually can't do this yet,’” says Tumblr founder and CEO David Karp.

Like Houseparty, Cabana immediately launches users into their own broadcast, and it’ll alert all their friends with a push notification.

“The blend of hanging out and watching in Cabana is actually super hard to accomplish,” he says.

“One interesting thing we spent a lot of time on is making sure audio is balanced between in chat and hanging out.” Lee also says the new features planned for Cabana should keep the app distinct from its competitors.

For the most part, Karp says this isn’t what Tumblr is after with Cabana.

“I mean sure, we're always looking at everything we launch as an opportunity to reach more people, be meaningful to more people,” he says.

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