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Online shops offers: Fragrance 9 items for 3.89 - 89.04 USDFragrance EUR 3 items for 38.72 - 65.61 EURFragrance 3 items for 45.14 - 76.49 4 items for 48.60 - 94.50 GBPStrawberry EUR 2 items for 65.00 - 85.00 EURView products... High octane...gasoline like...and black...colors.... I was loading my bags into my uncool minivan, preparing to carry on with whatever was next in my uncool 40 year old life. Surprisingly, I really liked it, though I can't speak to the recent formulations.

In Fahrenheit, it was just right, in a more unique and sophisticated way, combining with chamomile flower. I don't see why any guy wants to smell like this anymore..unless you are a serious collector and into classic frags pls go ahead & buy.me i am giving this a skip.

It’s longevity is satisfying during a long day of work and I can smell it throughout its lasting. When in college, we had a teacher from France that used to wear it. If you try it in a store currently, the opening beckons you to make a purchase. It's masculine, fresh, woody and unique but so hard to describe. The latest batch i've tested a week ago has an opening that smells very much like diesel/burnt rubber.

The whole building knew when he was in because the smell of Fahrenheit inundated us all. I guess this is how Maverick from Top Gun smells like. I mean, it's very harsh and unorthodox, like it could be a product to cleanse your engine instead of a fragrance.

I'm female but maybe I will get a bottle of this to wear myself and feel like a badass. It reminds me of Grey Flannel for about three seconds and then everything else hits..

All leather scents now have to measure up to this one for me. After having this for pretty much a full year now I'd say it does shine more in the warmer weather. it's just a smoldering and animalic floral leather.

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