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The dating scene for lesbians and queer girls in Baton Rouge is small and inextricably linked to the New Orleans dating scene.In fact, Baton Rouge has Pride, but most Baton Rougeans prefer to head to New Orleans’ Pride celebration each year.

Two years ago, Baton Rouge failed to pass an Employment Non-Discrimination Act, a pretty standard piece of legislature most city’s have in place.Groups like Equality Louisiana and Capital City Alliance work tirelessly to advocate for LGBT people in Louisiana and Baton Rouge.Many of my friends volunteer with STAR (Sexual Trauma Response & Awareness), and each year HAART puts on fun events to raise money and awareness about HIV/AIDS in Baton Rouge.Since I’ve lived on my own, my rent has ranges from 0 per month (splitting a one bedroom apartment) to 0 per month (renting a studio apartment in an attractive part of town).Unfortunately, Baton Rouge consistently ranks in the top 10 worst-paying cities for women, especially for women of color.

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